U S water prize

The United States is an active country in the fight for responsible water consumption and water resource management, having acknowledged the gravity of the water crisis and the importance of addressing the issue both locally and nationally, but also globally. As a result, the US Water Prize honors organizations, institutions and individuals who have made great efforts and achieved outstanding results in the advancement of viable solutions and feasible practices for national water challenges. The United States Water Prize is sponsored by the US Water Alliance, an organization that has taken significant steps towards raising awareness and improving the water environment in the country, and it is the first prize to recognize the success of either individuals or institutions in protecting the nation’s watersheds.

The US Water Prize not only acknowledges the efforts and successes of organizations and people that have discovered and implemented sustainable solutions for improving water quality and overcoming water quantity challenges, but also inspires and encourages others to do so as well. The US faces a variety of challenges that affect the country’s water supply, from climate changes and frequent floods or droughts to environmental protection, population growth and deteriorating infrastructure, reason for which the US Water Prize is an effective way of bringing together diverse interests to create integrated policies for water in America. The US Water Alliance, the main sponsor of the prize, is continuously working to address the above mentioned issues and many other to change the water paradigm, so that all parties involved see water as one resource, valued at the same rate.

The US Water Prizes takes into account different aspects, such as sector, geography and size, to ensure a diversity in winners’ class and awards three Water Prizes every year. The nominations for the 2014 Prizes have been received between June 2013 and November 2103, while the award ceremony will take place in April, this year, in Washington. The winners will receive a commemorative award that honors their accomplishments and recognizes their significant value. The importance of the prize goes beyond the ceremony and the hand crafted, commissioned award, its value being the recognition of effort and success and the inspiration that these individuals or institutions provide for the rest of the people and organization to work harder and try harder to address an issue that is not only of national, but also global interest.

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